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Creekside Anglers Fly Tying Catalog

Creekside Anglers club provides this catalog to help members of our club and other clubs with information on how to tie locally effective flies. We hope the information provided will help new tiers with the techniques and methods needed to tie flies useful in local streams. We encourage tiers in other local clubs to submit flies to be included in our catalog.

We encourage all interested in learning to tie flies to come and join in at the Creekside Fly Tying Roundtable. Several tiers from Creekside Anglers meet the second Wednesday of the month at Martin's grocery in Martinsburg. Tiers set up in the cafe area from 7-9 pm and demonstrate simple flies for visitors that happen by. It's a great time to enjoy the comraderie of fellow tiers and fishers in an informal setting. Guests and kids welcome. For more info on the monthly roundtable contact
Ray Gano at

Catalog Item 1 - PATUXENT SPECIAL (by Ray Gano)

Catalog Item 2 - THE CHICAGO FLY (by Brett Billings)

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